Digital Online Gambling Agency: is a full service digital media agency that specialises in the online gambling and casino sectors.  Our client base is built up across a broad range of well known gambling brands, and we operate extensively within the UK and Australian gambling markets.  Unlike other agencies we focus exclusively on the online gambling sector and therefore fully understand this market, and more importantly what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to digital media.  Our business approach is based on devising innovative solutions in a marketplace where competition is fierce, and our track record in the gambling sector is second to none.  More on our service is outlined below:

Mobile Marketing:

With the general acceptance of HTML5 as the new web standard, mobile casino and gambling technology has at last found a suitable software platform from which to develop quality HD games that function across a broad range of mobile and smartphone devices.  The online mobile gambling market represents a huge area of growth within all major European and Australian gambling sectors, yet many gambling and casino operators have failed to adequately address the needs of their respective mobile customers.  We have conducted a number of digital media campaigns focused on improving the take up of mobile casino games and the cross selling of the opportunities to an operators existing player base.  Through trial and error we know what works and what doesn’t, and unlike other agencies that ‘dip their toes’ into the gambling market, we are streets ahead when it comes to devising solutions that not only increase the casino operators revenue, both in the short term and in the long terms value that mobile casino players bring to their business.  Please get in touch with us if you would like to receive a white paper which outlines our success with, a leading operator that targets the Australian online pokies market.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

We manage over $1 million in PPC advertising spend each and every month on behalf of our gambling operators.  Our experienced PPC team can handle the whole process, from keyword selection all the way through to landing page design to ensure that casino players are acquired at the lowest possible cost, thereby ensuring a greater margin per player for our casino operators.  Our team fully understands the keywords within the online gambling sector that really do provide the greatest return, and in working with us, our gambling clients benefit from not only our experience in this sector, but also from our historical data that we use to ensure PPC campaigns are targeted on keywords that convert from our clients.

Semantic Web Search:

We have developed our own advanced software framework that enables the integrated development of semantic-based information, Content, and Knowledge management systems.  Our systems have been tailored to identifying what the semantic search terms are within the online gambling markets that we operate in, and our innovative approach in the area of semantic web search ensures that our clients SEO efforts are being tailored towards what we believe is the future of search – the semantic web.  Our solutions focus on how to build up the tailored ontologies required for semantic annotation from textual and multimedia application content within the online gambling sector, and our approach is resulting in considerable success on behalf of our clients for highly competitive gambling related search terms.

Facebook Advertising:

We manage the Facebook advertising accounts on behalf of a number of casino and slots operators.  Our targeted campaigns and experienced team know how best to leverage the Facebook platform in order to drive quality referral traffic through to the operators platforms.  We can advise our clients what gambling promotions work best on Facebook, thereby ensuring their advertising spend is not only properly managed, but also ensures the maximum return on investment.